Hernando police arrest business executive after camera allegedly found in women’s bathroom

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HERNANDO, Miss. — An executive at a local company was arrested after police say he secretly filmed female employees inside the business.

David Hunter Moore, 23, was charged with photographing/filming without permission after a female employee called Hernando police this week asking for an escort to work.

The employee, Sholonda Williams, said she was quitting her job at Moore Advanced, Inc. after discovering a camera resembling a phone charger in the women’s restroom.

“My logic just kind of kicked in and I was thinking, ‘Who charges their phone in the bathroom’ because I’d never seen a phone on that charger,” Williams said.

Williams told police she had noticed the device before, but it wasn’t until this week she went and inspected what she described as a USB-like device. She then reported seeing a flashing blue light and realized it was a camera.

“I started shaking because I know how long it’s been in there off and on; how many times I’ve seen it and not paid any attention to it,” Williams said.

She said she didn’t want to tell anyone at work because she didn’t know who put it there and went to police instead.

They obtained a warrant and reported finding a camera in the restroom along with two other cameras, including a body-worn one, at Moore’s desk.

“That was the strangest part of it all because that was my boss,” Williams said. “Just of all things, I wouldn’t have expected it. I really wouldn’t have.”

Police arrested Moore for secretly photographing for lewd purpose. Detectives said they’re analyzing data on USBs, phones and computers to see what all was captured and why.

“I think in 22 years, this is honestly the second time that I’ve even known of this happening,” Hernando Police Chief Scott Worsham said.

Worsham said the recordings go back to at least September with at least four people caught on camera. Police said the restroom was only for employees, but anyone who has used it recently is asked to contact police.

Moore was later released after paying a $50,000 bond.

Moore’s business card lists him as president and CEO of Moore Advanced, a staffing company based in Hernando. WREG has reached out to Moore and the business but have not heard back yet.

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