Hernando man recovers after shooting that helped spark Frayser incident

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HERNANDO, Miss. — While Memphis continues to react to the officer-involved shooting that killed Brandon Webber, a Hernando man is still recovering from the attack that sparked the entire story.

Many people in the area of DeSoto County are still reeling from the carjacking last week that left the victim with five gunshot wounds. The nearby neighborhood in Hernando knows the victim well, but they’re hesitant to tell his story on camera.

The victim in the shooting not only survived after being left for dead, but he also played a crucial role in helping police move forward with the case.

“A photo spread was shown to our victim, who positively ID’ed Mr. Webber as being the one who shot him and stole his car,” DeSoto County District Attorney John Champion said.

“Any time a victim, a witness can come forward and provide information, especially in today’s world with social media, with so many avenues that we’re able to look at and evaluate, every piece of information is important,” Hernando Police Captain Kyle Hodge said.

WREG visited locations across Hernando and spoke with numerous people who knew the victim and his family. We were eventually given the street the family lives on, but we were told no one in the area would talk because of how “ugly” the story has become.

Officials confirmed the victim’s health is slowly improving.

“He’s doing good,” Hodge said. “Medical terms always say stable condition and doing better and getting better. But again, multiple gunshot wounds, close range. He’s going to have a long road to recovery and healing.”

Law enforcement officials said they were grateful for the victim’s bravery and for the restraint his loved ones have shown.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right,” Hodge said. “You can’t continue to multiply what’s going on, and that’s our biggest goal.”

It will be a lengthy recovery process for both the victim and the whole area as they move forward from this tragic event.

— By Peter Fleischer

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