Hernando daycare under review by state after allegations by parents

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HERNANDO, Miss. — Some parents in Hernando are upset after allegations of abuse surfaced at a day care.

Tracy Williams, owner of Kaco’s Kids, acknowledges mistakes were made, but insists the school has a track record of loving care.

Williams told WREG that she has addressed allegations as they have been brought to her attention, and handled issues to the letter of the law.

In a statement obtained by WREG, there are disturbing words used to describe the alleged abuse in the infant room — words like “a handful of children” and “a few employees.”

Parents are putting their reviews on social media, including several posts about negative experiences and allegations of abuse, but also statements of support. It’s generated so much attention the daycare will hold a parent meeting Thursday night.

Williams didn’t go into details, but confirmed the day care made changes to their staff after an internal review.

The Mississippi Department of Health confirmed they’re investigating the daycare, after they self-reported potential violations on July 23. While they could not release the details of an open investigation, they committed to releasing the report once it is finished.

The department also said that if they had any reason to believe a child was in immediate danger, they would shut the business down, but until then it will remain open while due process plays out.

It’s important to note that Kaco’s Kids has no complaints on record other than the self-report from last week.


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