Hernando CEO accused of recording people in bathroom now charged with producing child pornography

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HERNANDO, Miss — A Hernando business executive accused of secretly filming female employees inside his business is facing another charge: producing child pornography.

Hernando Police Chief Scott Worsham used two words to describe the accusations levied against 23-year-old CEO David Hunter Moore.

“Very disturbing,” Worsham said Friday morning.

We told you last week about an employee discovering a camera resembling a phone charger in the bathroom of Moore Advanced Inc., a staffing company in Hernando.

Through their investigation, detectives said they have uncovered more than 15 adults caught on the camera, along with a child under the age of 14.

Moore was arrested on the additional charge Thursday evening.

Officers say Moore had more than one recording device in his business.

“One device had close to 200 videos that we had to go through,” Worsham explained.

The chief said it’s hard to say how long the recording had been going on but estimates at least a year. He said detectives are still going through evidence.

“We’re not even close to done.”

WREG went to the Moore’s listed home address. A woman who came to the glass door locked it and walked away.

While the young CEO is now making lewd headlines he was once featured in a business write up about his rise in the business world and his work ethic.

WREG also discovered another location Moore is apparently operating his business. A sign outside the Memphis location also saying Moore Advanced.

We talked to a man who said his name is Juan Linan and he’s a branch manager.

“We are aware of what’s going on but we do not know anything about anything legal,” Linan said.

He said there have been no similar complaints at that location and he has not heard from Moore.

Police say their case with Moore might not be through.

“We don’t know if there will be additional, forthcoming charges,” Worsham said.

Chief Worsham said once his detectives are finished the case will then go before a grand jury.

Thursday afternoon attorney Martin Zummach said he is representing Moore.

He issued a statement saying, “Mr. Moore is guilty of no crime. Mr. Moore is being persecuted by a disgruntled former employee who has proudly admitted in media interviews last week that she contacted civil lawyers before calling law enforcement to inform them of what she supposedly found in a bathroom. She was more concerned with financial gain rather then protection of her co-employees if she really felt anyone was ever in danger. The motive of her financial gain should be clear by the circumstances.

The police officer assigned to investigate her allegations had the discretion, unfortunately, to level any charge he might want to bring no matter how non-existent the evidence was.

Sadly, sensational criminal charges are reported before facts are known.

I sincerely hope the media expends the same ink and air time when Mr. Moore is eventually exonerated. Unfortunately, for Mr. Moore and his family,they will have to wait for justice to grind slowly all the while under a cloud of scandalous allegations. Mr. Moore and his family believe in the ideal of public’s fairness and looks forward to his day in court.

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