Helena-West Helena police searching for two brothers involved in fatal shooting

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HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. — One of the men involved in a gas station shooting in Helena-West Helena that left one dead and one injured has been captured by police, and they are still looking for the other people involved.

Police say they are intent on finding the other people involved to give the family some closure.

Helena-West Helena Police say Jason Robertson (left) is in custody. Suspects Dedrick Braggs (middle) and Van Braggs are still at large.

Brothers Van and Dedrick Braggs are both accused of murder.

“We don’t want anyone to approach them; however, we are looking for them,” Helena-West Helena police chief James Smith said. “If they see something, say something.”

So far, police have arrested Jason Robinson in the fatal shooting. Police said he worked with the Braggs brothers to murder Kasey Grant.

“It’s been an ongoing altercation between Grant and these other individuals that we are looking for,” Smith said.

Video shows guns blazing in Monday morning’s shootout. The teenage victim on the passenger side narrowly escaped with one shot to the arm, while Grant remained slumped over in the car.

A school bus passed by the scene just before the shootout took place, almost putting more than just the intended targets in harm’s way. Children were also coming out of the store when the shooting occurred.

There was also a school only three blocks from where the shooting took place, and it was placed on lockdown for a few hours until the scene was clear.

Two gas pumps at the station even caught bullets.

“Just the magnitude of someone shooting around gas pumps, that could have been bad news as well,” Smith said.

Police said right after the shooting, Robinson went straight to work to cover his shift at Dollar General and didn’t even bother to change clothes.

“This is going to be a continuous act of violence because you have to understand that Mr. Grant had friends; he had relatives,” Smith said. “We don’t want this to be a war of retaliation.”

The family fears that if the Braggs brothers aren;t caught, things could get much worse.

Anyone with information about the brothers’ whereabouts should call Helena-West Helena Police.

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