Heavy rain causes mudslide in Helena-West Helena

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HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. — Record rainfall caused big problems in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas Monday morning. A portion of Crowley’s Ridge gave way, creating a giant mudslide that closed one of the city’s streets.

“Yeah, it completely covered the road. It went all the way across. It was worse than the first time around,” neighbor Robert Jones said. Neighbors say the mudslide could have been a disaster for anyone traveling along the road. “People coming back and forth. You never know when it’s going to happen. Then your car get hit with mud, and what if you’ve got kids in there?” neighbor Lisa Jones said.

Crews with The Arkansas Highway Transportation Department worked diligently to clear the road.

Helena-West Helena’s Mayor Kevin Smith told us the towering mound of dirt is actually part of Crowley’s Ridge and is prone to caving in. “We’ve had unusual amount of rainfall this winter, but that’s exactly why. We were down there, I would say, two weeks ago, just trying to keep it off the road.”

Fortunately, no homes were threatened by the muddy mess.

Mayor Smith says city engineers are working on a permanent fix, but it could take a while.

We’re told crews might place large rocks at the base of the hill to keep some dirt and mud from going on the road.

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