Heartbreaking photo is reassuring to family of little boy who lost his twin brother


Photo: Brooke Myrick

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FLORENCE, Alabama — What is seen by many as a heartbreaking photo is reassuring to the family of the little boy in it.

Walker Myrick often asks his parents to take him to visit his brother’s grave.

As twins often do, the brothers have a connection, even after Willis died.

In the photo, snapped in 2012, Walker is leaning on his brother’s gravestone telling him about his first day of school.

While pregnant, Brooke Myrick learned her sons had Twin-to-Twin transfusion syndrome where one twin is getting more of the nutrients needed to survive, than the other.

The condition can cause heart failure in the twin getting too much blood and the other twin not getting enough.

While Walker survived, Willis died two months before his due date.

The condition is often diagnosed and treatments can be done, unfortunately, Brooke Walker was not diagnosed until it was too late.

She stresses anyone who is having twins talk with their doctor and have frequent ultrasounds.

The family cherished the connection the boys have and hope the photo will lead to more people learning about ttts.

Photo: Brooke Myrick
Photo: Brooke Myrick






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