Head start students swelter on buses with no air conditioning, parents say

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COLDWATER, Miss. — The wheels on the buses at Clen Moore Head Start Center in Coldwater go round and round. But what’s not circulating is the air inside the buses.

There’s no air conditioning on board, the school confirmed.

Felicia Bolton, who babysits a 4-year-old Clen Moore student, said she can already see the toll the hot bus rides are taking on him.

“Every day he’s hot. Every day, as soon as he gets off the bus, he runs out to just stretch out across the floor because he’s so hot,” Bolton said.

A mother named Landra first alerted WREG to the problem.

She said her 4-year-old daughter arrived home drenched in sweat and exhausted after a particularly long bus ride.

A spokesperson for the Institute of Community Services, which runs the school, tells WREG that the school tries to offset the hot temperatures by leaving the windows open and providing water to students. ICS said each bus is also equipped with a monitor.

But parents claim the windows on the buses aren’t always open.

Landra said the windows were rolled up on her daughter’s bus.

Bolton said she’s also seen buses with rolled up windows.

“I know what happens to a child when they’re in the car and windows aren’t open, they get left in the car. It’s the same thing,” she said.

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