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  • Anger continues to mount over the resignation of Memphis City School Deputy Superintendent Irving Hamer
  • Hamer is accused of commenting on a coworker’s chest in front of a room full of people at Superintendent Kriner Cash’s house
  • Hamer’s last day at MCS is April 30th


Many Memphis City Schools parents are angry Hamer wasn’t fired in the first place and are further upset by the idea he will be allowed to stay on at the school district through April.  In his resignation letter Hamer said he wanted to oversee the transition and finish out several projects with MCS.

Detail of Irving Hamers severance package, or even if there is one, are unknown.  Memphis City Schools refuses to comment and News Channel 3’s interview request with Superintendent Kriner Cash was denied. 

Jerry Sansing says Hamer is a loose cannon and shouldn’t be allowed back.

“He did the wrong stuff at the wrong time, and I think Dr. Cash should have let him go right then and there,” said Sansing.

Jennifer Portifield has children at MCS.  She was shocked when she read Hamer’s alleged statements where he accused a co-worker of trying to have a sidebar with another co-worker because of her breasts.

“They should hold their profession and be professional at all times because they don’t know who’s looking and listening,” said Portifield.

An attorney’s investigation found Hamer was likely drunk when he made the statements.  Larry Austin thinks this makes the entire administration look bad.

“Dr. Kriner Cash was serving liquor, and that’s just like if he would have gone out and had an accident who would have been to blame? He shouldn’t have been serving them liquor,” said Austin.

Attorney Kirk Caraway specializes in sexual harassment cases and says if this happened in a private business the harasser and the company could be sued. Caraway says termination generally depends on the severity of the harassment.

 “It’s fairly prevalent.  You have a lot of people who think what they’re doing is nothing more than kidding around with a fellow employee, but it can very easily cross the line into sexual harassment,” said Caraway.

Hamer will remain suspended without pay through the end of March, but he will be paid, according to his resignation letter, for the month of April.  MCS will not confirm any information about the resignation.