Hacks Cross and 385: One intersection sees highest number of crashes in county

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — There are some intersections in every place that are notorious for being dangerous, and in unincorporated Shelby County, that intersection seems to be Hacks Cross and Highway 385.

In February 2019, that intersection was where the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office responded to the most crashes. They respond to crashes in all unincorporated parts of the county.

The SCSO responded to 10 crashes at the intersection of Hacks Cross and 385 in February. The next highest number of crashes was Hacks Cross and Lowrance Road, which is a mere feet away from the 385 intersection.

From the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office

Lt. Anthony Buckner with the SCSO said most of these crashes were determined to be caused by drivers being distracted. He urged drivers in the county to always pay attention to the road when behind the wheel.

Of all individual streets where the SCSO responded to crashes in February, Hacks Cross had the most at 36. Houston Levee was second with 15. Bill Morris Parkway (a portion of Highway 385) had 11, and four crashes were reported at Highway 385.

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