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(Millington, TN) The Shelby County Fire Department is investigating an overnight vacant mobile home fire.

The fire department has put out fourteen fires at the North Shelby County mobile home park this year alone.

It looks like a post-apocalyptic mobile home park along Ole Millington Road. 

There are rows and rows of trailers in North Shelby County abandoned by the people who lived there so they could escape the flood waters from the Mississippi RIver two years ago.

The flood water receded, but the Shelby County Fire Department says the danger is getting deeper.

“For whatever reason some individual or individuals are going down there and it appears have been setting fires,” said Shelby County Fire Spokesman Brent Perkins. 

Most of the trailers are burned out, and the Shelby County Fire Department doesn’t know for sure what started any of them. 

Since the park was abandoned in May 2011 there have been over thirty fires.

Each time a fire is called in, fire fighters must respond to the scene and put it out and that puts lives at risk over trashed aluminum boxes.

“They’re going to have to go in and they can be injured on the job. They can fall, they can hurt a knee, they can get burned.  A lot of the metal is sharp, they can get cut on that,” said Perkins.

The owner of the mobile home park was fined over $15,000 back in the Summer for leaving these unsafe conditions. 

Since that time he has started to bulldoze these trailers down, clearing the area out. The fire department says in that time the number of fires has slowed down.

Fire officials say if anyone set any of the fires intentionally the person lighting the match will be arrested and prosecuted.