6 detained hours after 5 guns stolen from Southaven home

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. —Six people including five juveniles have been detained after nearly half a dozen guns were stolen from a Southaven home Friday afternoon, police say.

Homeowners said the suspects appeared to have jumped a fence in the backyard and broke into the house on the 8100 block of Charleston through a back window.

They said one of their sons came home around noon to find the house ransacked.

“Left it an absolute mess,” said homeowner Jennifer McLain.

“When I walked the house I was devastated. I was, like, you know, it’s bad enough they gotta rob me, but they gotta destroy my house also,” said homeowner Leland Quarles.

Quarles said the suspects got away with at least five guns, more than $1,300 in cash and four Playstations.

A neighbor on the next street over said the suspects buried several of the guns under some leaves in his yard.

He said they came back later in a car to retrieve the guns, but after passing a school bus, they were pulled over by an officer around 4:45 p.m.

“They were able to see a car that just matched the description of one of the cars seen leaving the area after the burglary,” said Capt. Mark Little with the Southaven Police Department.

Neighbors said police used a Taser on one of the suspects.

“We heard him screaming when he was getting tased,” said Brandon Brock. “He was just screaming. Just being a little baby about it.”

Little confirmed Friday afternoon police had recovered three guns and were continuing to search for two more.

They said the guns were properly secured inside the home at the time of the burlgary, but that the thieves broke them out.

Even with some of their belongings accounted for, there’s one thing McLain said she’ll never get back.

“My peace of mind that they robbed, that’s something that is gonna be harder to replace than any other things that they took,” she said.

The juveniles range in age from 15 to 17, according to police, who haven’t yet named the adult suspect.

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