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 MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis apartment complex continues to be riddled with gun violence with numerous incidents happening within the last week alone.

The latest victim said he was sitting in his car in the Peppertree Apartments parking lot late Thursday night when he saw an argument between two groups of girls.

“Neighborhood rivals. People into it, fighting in one neighborhood and then somebody comes back to retaliate,” he said.

Quick reflexes saved his life. After hearing the first gunshot, he said he dove to the floor of his car.

“I heard the bullets coming through my windshield, and I knew that it was serious,” he said.

Bullets ripped through his vehicle, including two that went through his windshield and head rest where he was sitting just a split second before.

“You look at the shots and you see that it was a headshot. If I had been sitting up and I didn’t have quick reflexes, I would’ve been a goner! I would’ve been dead,” he said.

Earlier in the week another shooting occurred at the Peppertree Apartments, and the Memphis Police Department confirmed they’ve been called to the location dozens of times during 2021.

Residents continue to tell us they don’t feel safe in their homes and they don’t think the apartment complex cares.

“They’re not invested in us,” said the latest victim. “They’ve got cameras that don’t work all over the whole community. They need to get out! They need to walk around. They need to do more.”

We continue to reach out to Peppertree management about the constant issues with violence in their complex but have not heard back.