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TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. — Michael Johnson, who has two children enrolled in Tunica County schools, said, “I want Steve Chandler out of there.”

Parents and teachers want Tunica County Superintendent Stephen Chandler ousted.

“The teachers are angry, and they are hurt,” Robert Hall, with the Tunica County Committee for Educational Improvement, said.

The community group said Chandler isn’t doing his job, and they’re taking their problem to the state.

“We’re going to take down, on Friday, about 1,100 signatures to the state board and Superintendent Wright and ask them to ask this man to resign,” Hall said.

In the petition, the group claims Chandler neglected to educate students, is incompetent as a leader, and his behavior is unethical and immoral.

“I’ll tell him something he’ll never forget,” Johnson said. “I wouldn’t be nothing good, so I don’t even want to say it while I’m standing here.”

Chandler wrote the following in an email:

“The district graduation rate has increased 9 percentage points in my first two years and the district is rated #2 statewide in Kindergarten Readiness.”

However, Chandler refused to answer any of WREG’s questions related to the accusations listed in the petition.

The petition comes two weeks after more than half of the teachers at Rosa Fort High School and Tunica Middle School staged a “sick out” or “green flu.”

“People who speak up find themselves in jeopardy of their jobs. They find themselves being retaliated against,” Hall said.

The Mississippi Department of Education told WREG they’re monitoring the situation, but aren’t sure what they can legally do because Chandler was elected to his position.

“In our state, we don’t have a process effective for removing superintendents,” Hall said.

There were some people in Tunica County who support Chandler and the job he is doing, but they didn’t want to go on camera or get involved.