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OXFORD, Miss. — Coach Hugh Freeze is being called out, accused of taking tweets too far.

“When Coach Freeze as a university employee is tweeting bible verses that violates the constitution.”

Last week the Freedom from Religion Foundation put a letter in front of Chancellor Vitter telling him they think it`s wrong for the university to allow it, promote, and support the tweets.

“What Coach Freeze is doing is promoting his personal religion over all other religious beliefs. It`s illegal.”

As of now Coach Freeze`s tweets can be found on the universities home page. The foundation said while Freeze is free to express his religion, it`s illegal to do so with the backing of the university.

“If he`s going to be promoting religious beliefs on Twitter that account cannot be associated with the university.”

WREG asked Ole Miss students what they think about the coach`s tweets.

“He`s a very religious man so I guess that`s his way of expressing how he feels and what he believes. I don`t think you should be slaughtered for how you believe.”

But for the Freedom from Religion Foundation, it’s less about beliefs and more about the legality of the social media pushes.

“At this point, we are hoping the university will cease doing what it knows to be illegal.”

But illegal or not, some students want the tweets to stick around.

“I can see it being a problem, but I don`t think it should stop. It`s essential to the team and he truly believes that.”

So far, neither Freeze nor Ole Miss has commented.

The group is known for threatening to sue schools and government institutions.