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(Memphis) Local donations could mean life or death for the city’s homeless.

Memphis is named the second most giving city in the country and a national group is hoping to make the most of that.

Sylvia and Tracey have been homeless a combined forty-four years.

Today, they are moving into an apartment thanks to the Community Alliance for the Homeless and your donations. 

The group is trying to raise a $100,000 to get people like Sylvia and Tracey off the streets.

William Bradshaw is donating a thousand, “It makes me feel great. Those people deserve it.  They`ve been through a lot and it`s good to see them get off the street.”

The Homeless Alliance surveyed the homeless in Memphis last month.  

Of the 259 interviewed, more than half will be near death within the next two years. 

Almost all of them sleep outside year round and over half of them have serious medical conditions. 

They also made over four hundred visits to the ER in the last 90 days contributing to a six and a half million dollar bill for  the city. 

“It’s a lot cheaper to put them into housing so this is really an initiative that pays for itself through time,” said Executive Director of the Community Alliance for the Homeless Katie Kitchen.

The group has lined up almost one hundred houses, mostly rental properties, and plan on working with the homeless to make sure they don’t fall back into the street.

“You’re medical, mental health, substance abuse treatment, we found that while most people don`t take advantage of those resources almost ninety percent do once they get into housing,” said Kitchens.

So far they`ve raised more than $32,000 towards the goal.