Grinch hits Germantown neighborhoods, steals holiday lights

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. -- It’s supposed to be the season of giving but some people are stealing the holiday spirit, literally.

Germantown Police are investigating reports of several thefts of LED light projectors and they want you to be aware.

The lights are bright and pretty, bringing holiday cheer to the neighborhood, but also apparently attracting criminals.

Someone is being a real Grinch in Germantown, stealing Christmas lights.

However, these aren’t just any lights.

“It’s a box you put it in front of your house and it throws different colors of light on the house,” explained Willie Skipper.

That box with LED lights can run around 50 to 70 bucks. Willie Skipper and his family were victims recently. He said it’s not so much the money that bothers him.

“It is disappointing. Ya it really is. My son he was the one that was really disappointed. You know spending time to go out there and do something, not expecting you know in this neighborhood something to happen,” he explained.

He’s not the only the only victim. A few miles away there was reports of other thefts.

“My kid came home from school and he said, ‘Daddy, what happened to the lights?' And I said 'What happened to the lights?’ I went outside, checked my cameras and someone during the night took the lights, ” explained another victim.

Unfortunately stealing holiday cheer isn’t uncommon. A brazen thief was caught on camera casually stealing a Christmas tree off a family’s porch in Arizona recently.

Law enforcement and security companies have some tips how you can protect your home.

Do your best to make sure your holiday decorations are securely anchored to the ground or your home.

If you can use unique identifiers to mark your decorations in case they are stolen, like engraving your initials.

Installing motion sensors for flood lights and security cameras is a little bit more pricey but can also help. Finally, try to keep decorations as close to your home as possible and turn off lights before you go to bed.

Germantown isn’t the only place that’s had thefts. The Police Chief in Southaven said the Greenbrook subdivision had reports of six LED light projectors stolen so it’s important to be mindful everywhere.


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