Grenada, Mississippi declares local state of emergency as rains flood region

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GRENADA, Miss. — A local state of emergency was declared Friday by city and county officials in Grenada, Mississippi after dozens of streets and homes flooded.

Heavy rains have soaked the Mid-South for days, with some of the strongest coming overnight Thursday and Friday.

In Grenada, officials said 30 to 40 streets were flooded and 20 to 30 homes received some sort of water damage. A few water rescues were reported.

Major roads that were closed Friday morning were reopened by the afternoon, but heavy rain is expected to continue. That could mean the roads will close again.

Officials are urging citizens not to drive around, especially during the dark hours, as flooding cannot be seen during that time. City crews are working as fast as possible to clear drains and prevent more flooding.

The Lewis Johnson Senior Center has been designated as a shelter for anyone who wants to use it.

Around the area, residents have stories of rescuing neighbors as they watched the waters rise.

“We lack about eight inches of water from being in the main house,” said Charles Storey.

He, his fiance’ and their friends could only watch Friday morning as flood water surrounded Storey’s home on Highway 332 in Grenada.”The sub-floor in the lower part of the house is floating. And right now it’s just a waiting game,” he said.

Storey was waiting for someone to help him retrieve a motorcycle and four wheeler from under the carport. He managed to get some personal items from the house before the water got higher.

After that, it was too deep to risk going back in.

“We got most of the pictures and family memory stuff out of the house and some electronics. We’re just going to grab what we can.”

In Holcomb, about 10 miles west of Grenada, MDOT crews were able to open Highway 7 around 10:30 am.

While most all the high water receded after a few hours, cell phone video taken by June Montgomery showed just how threatening it was earlier. Water was close to entering her neighbor’s home, off Highway 35.

“About 8:30 this whole thing, all of this was under water,” she said.

Dave Montgomery rushed to help his neighbor and get him to safety.

“It was up to the very top of his door sill,” Montgomery said. “You could see the air conditioner floating and his gas tank started to pick up and float.”

People who live here say it’s been years since there was severe flooding like this. With more expected, they plan to stay on guard.

“All that rain — Seemed like it was 10 inches that fell last night, is what they’re saying. When it falls that fast there’s no place for it to go around here,” said Danny Thomas, chief of the Holcomb Volunteer Fire Department.

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