Green energy company brings more than 150 new jobs to West Memphis

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WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — West Memphis is reportedly welcoming more than 150 high-paying, green-energy jobs.

“We have a new green energy industry coming here by the name of Glanris. It’s going to provide over the next few years over 159 jobs,” said West Memphis mayor Marco McClendon.

Glanris is a water filtration company based in Memphis, Tennessee with ties to Riceland Foods.

McClendon recently gave company leaders a tour.

“They actually have a partnership with Riceland that’s here in Arkansas,” McClendon said, “and by Riceland being there biggest partner, they wanted to open up in Arkansas and why not West Memphis?”

The new facility will help clean wastewater by using rice hulls. The rice hulls are the outer layer that can be removed from rice and used for water filtration.

“It’s a water filtration industry that’s going to use rice hulls by steaming them to clean water for cities like Flint and other third world countries and even here,” McClendon said.

He says this partnership just makes sense.

“We have I-55 and I-40 right here in the heart of our city, we have the Mississippi River, we have a strong railroad and FedEx right across the bridge,” McClendon said.

West Memphians say the new jobs are needed.

“I am really excited about the opportunities West Memphis is being afforded these days,” said West Memphis resident Michael Thomas. “West Memphis is starting to grow to its fullest potential.”

“Just to bring more income, revenue, jobs for families,” said West Memphis resident Safondra Thomas. “I think is a wonderful thing.”

A new green energy company that’s about saving the environment with new jobs will be providing some green for workers.

“Definitely in the next month or so people can begin to apply for these jobs and be a part of Glanris’s welcome to West Memphis,” McClendon said.

McClendon says the new jobs will pay between $15 and $26 an hour.

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