MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Family and friends are remembering Shea and Beau Grauer, two Memphis brothers tragically killed 7 months apart in Midtown.

WREG attended tonight’s candelight vigil in their honor at Belvedere Park.

The pain felt by their loved ones is indescribable as tragedy has struck this family twice in less than a year, leaving them in a world of hurt. 

Under an old tree in Belvedere Park, Shea and Beau Grauer’s family and friends gathered seeking solace in their search for answers.

An unwavering love was shared among the crowd as they lit candles serving as a torch to keep their memories alive.

“This candle burns for those who are not here today but who are forever present in our hearts.”

Shea Grauer, a staple in the Memphis restaurant scene, was fatally shot near Madison and Belvedere in February.

Dressed in his shirt, jeans, and belt, his wife Liz returned to the spot he took his last breath.

“He texted me and said on the way and he was dead probably two minutes,” Liz Grauer said. “They took his wallet they did not use anything. They did not use his bank card, nor credit card. I do not understand. It’s pointless.”

The loss coming as the family is still processing the recent killing of Shea’s younger brother Beau, who police say was shot during a home invasion in Midtown last July.

“To have it happen again and in such a short time so randomly, so carelessly, so unnecessarily I just don’t have a word for it,” uncle Mark Handwerker said. “I can’t believe this is happening again to one family.”

Despite the unimaginable loss, Mrs. Grauer said it’s a must the family not only gets justice but use their pain to fuel the journey moving forward.

“We’re going to take this anger and hurt and pain and we’re going to funnel all this into something that is helpful. Be it advocacy or laws.”

As of tonight, both cases remain unsolved.