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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An Orange Mound grandmother is out on bond, accused of beating her son and chasing her grandchild with a baseball bat.

Police say Jacklas Taylor’s son stopped by her apartment on Kimball to get money she owed him, but instead he got cursed out and hit in the ribs with the bat.

The girl told police she tried to stop her grandmother, but instead Taylor chased her down with the bat.

“That’s your granddaughter. You don’t do that,” said Moon Brooks, who lives nearby.

Marcus Henry lives in the area and has a son the same age as the little girl, “You’re chasing after a child; you’re being cold hearted going after a small kid.”

The report states the little girl got away and didn’t get hit.

Security guards saw the attack and called police.

Taylor now faces four counts of aggravated assault.