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FORREST CITY, Ark. — It wasn’t COVID-19, but some bad fashion that kept a Forrest City Arkansas woman from visiting her grandmother.

Jayla Williams shared a video on her Facebook page of her grandmother refusing to let in her house after showing up with some jeans ripped across her thighs.

“She gets out of the car, and when she steps around the car, she was looking naked,” said Maedean Wilson-Brewer.

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Williams said her grandmother likes to joke around, but this time she knew she was serious, and so she pulled out her phone and started recording their conversation about the jeans.

“Grandma, so, I can’t come in the house? Not like this. Not with these on,” said Brewer.

In the video, her grandmother threatened to call her mother and tells her to leave.

“She said ‘I don’t care if you call your mother; she shouldn’t have let you come over here wearing those pants’,” said Williams.

Brewer wanted to teach her granddaughter a lesson but had no idea she would inspire others.

Williams video got a few thousand views on Facebook, and people left messages praising the grandmother.

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Williams even posted a second video showing her return to her grandmother’s house in a different pair of pants.

“I told her to step around the car. Okay, you can come in,” said Brewer.

Brewer does think the videos were funny and is glad she stood her ground.

“To these young parents and grandparents you can’t stop you grandchildren from doing everything they are doing and buying pants with holes in them, but you can do this — you can stop them from coming to your house dressed like that,” said Brewer.

As for the jeans? Brewer said her granddaughter should burn them.

Williams said she would consider getting rid of them for her grandmother.

“She means the world to me,” said Williams.