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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A Memphis grandfather was shot and killed by a stray bullet in front of his Southeast Memphis home.

The grandfather was taking out the trash, but by the time he got to his door, he had been shot.

“There was a lot of gunshots and they were scared. After that, they started hearing a lot of hollering. Some lady hollering, they shot him,: said neighbor Angela Weaver.

Weaver was at work when her daughters called to tell her chaos was on the other side of their door.

Family members of 47-year-old Essic Woodard tell WREG, neighbors at a nearby apartment were having a party when a fight broke out outside and someone started shooting.

Another woman was also struck by a bullet; she is expected to be OK.

This shooting happened with several people outside, including children.

According to neighbors, the gunman took off in a car, smashing into a brick fence while trying to get away.

“I`m just sorry about that, the family what they got to go through,” said Weaver.

Police need help tracking down the suspect. He took off in red Dodge Magnum. Anyone with information is asked to call (901)528-CASH.