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UPDATE 7/17- The owner of “Graceland Too,” Paul Mcleod, was found dead in his home this morning.


(Holly Springs, MS) Graceland Too has become an international tourist destination of sorts, since Elvis fan Paul McLeod opened his home and collection of Elvis memorabilia to fans.

Now, McLeod remains under investigation by Holly Springs police after a shooting incident there.

”All we want to know is why, why did he do it and nobody’s not telling us anything,” explained Gloria Taylor, who says her son Dwight was shot in the chest after going to the house to pick up money for painting work he’d done there.

McLeod and police tell a different story.

”There seems to have been a home invasion and the resident of that house felt that his life was in danger and took action to protect themselves as far as we know,” said Holly Springs Mayor and acting police chief Kelvin Buck.

Taylor was known around town for doing odd jobs, and depending on who you talk to, had a generally honest reputation.

Others say they had to keep a close eye on Taylor.

Mr. McLeod released a statement explaining his side of the incident, saying he’s cooperating with police and that for now, he’s closing “Graceland Too” to visitors.

McLeod said someone broke the glass of his front door and forced his way in, demanding money, and refusing to leave.

Law enforcement sources say McLeod had filed complaints about Taylor before.

Police say their investigation remains in its early stages.

Like police, the Taylor family still has many questions.

”All we want is justice for our son,” said Mrs. Taylor.

Police say charges could follow depending on what their investigation turns up.