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JACKSON, Miss. — Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed a bill that would allow residents to carry a concealed gun in a purse, briefcase or other fully enclosed satchel without a state-issued license.

The bill takes effect July 1.

The bill reduces fees for people to receive and renew a concealed-carry license.

The fee for a new license would drop to $80 from $100, and the renewal fee for people younger than 65 would drop to $40 from $50.

For people older than 65, the renewal fee would drop to $20.

The bill also specifies that disabled veterans, people on active-duty military service and current or honorably retired law enforcement officers don’t need a license to carry a concealed weapon.

Supporters cast the bill as a matter of safety for women who want to carry a gun in a purse without having to get a license.

Bryant also signed a bill which allows active duty military, veterans and honorably retired law enforcement officers to substitute their military service for the state-required eight-hour training course to obtain the enhanced carry endorsement.

In Mississippi, permit holders that complete the training course and receive an endorsement can bring their handguns everywhere except for police stations, jails, courtrooms and federal property regardless of gun free zone signs.

The bill, which takes effect immediately, allows Mississippians to legally own commonly used rifle ammunition for hunting, target shooting and self-defense regardless of any potential ban implemented by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Both bills were supported by the National Rifle Association.