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WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEXSTAR) – As Democrats start their largely virtual convention, Republicans, including President Donald Trump, are already going on the offense.

The Trump campaign’s efforts are pointed toward steering the message away from the Democratic National Convention.

Even before the virtual DNC begins, Republicans and the Trump campaign want to dim the spotlight on Democrats.

“They’re not going to be honest about what they’d actually try to pass, they’ll just talk in all sorts of flowery goals and aspirations,” said Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson.

Promises Johnson said won’t happen.

“But they will not be delivering, be able to deliver on it based on their own track record,” he said.

The campaign’s Strategic Communications Director Marc Lotter said Democrats are out of touch with average voters.

“Well, I think what the American people will see tonight is a party that has been taken over by the radical left,” said Lotter.

In keeping with that approach, on Monday in Minnesota, Trump again accused Democrats of not backing up the police.

“The words law and order are words that Democrats don’t like to use, they don’t think they’re politically good,” Trump said.

That law and order message is key to the president’s re-election strategy. It’s likely one he’ll come back to as he campaigns around the country this week.

“He’ll be in Minnesota personally, he’ll be in Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania,” Lotter said.

Lotter does expect Biden to get a bump in polling from this week’s convention, maybe by as much as 8 to 10 points.

“But the question’s going to be can he hold it, because, obviously, the president will have his convention next week,” Lotter said.

The DNC ends this Thursday, when Joe Biden formally accepts his party’s nomination for president.