Good Samaritan’s video captures brutal dog attack on Arkansas road

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ST. FRANCIS COUNTY, Ark. — St. Francis County deputies hope new video footage of a brutal dog attack last Friday afternoon can help them track down the dogs and their owner.

Miesha Bryant said she couldn’t believe there was a woman under the pack of vicious dogs she saw when she drove by on County Road 323.

“As I got closer, I seen that it was a human leg,” Bryant said.

Bryant said she honked her horn, hollered and tried everything to scare off the dogs.

“Once I started stomping that’s when some of them backed away. That’s when I got out of the car and was like go on, go on,” she said.

The woman had bites all over her body. Her mother shared these images to show just how horrific this attack was.

“She just looked awful. Her legs, her arms, her face and her clothes were ripped off of her,” said Bryant.

St. Francis County Judge Gary Hughes told WREG deputies know about Bryant’s video.

“I think the challenge is to determine which dogs did this and who are the owners of those dogs,” he said.

He said if they can track down the dogs, the owners will face a citation for letting vicious dogs run stray and up to a $500 fine.

“St. Francis County has no animal control, so no, we would not confiscate the dogs,” he added. “I think, you know, we are certainly open to looking at new regulations maybe we can put in place.”

Hughes said if the owner gets a citation, a judge will determine the animal’s fate at a hearing. The dog remains in the owner’s custody until then.

He said the dogs’ owners could also be in violation of a state law that would require them to pay for all medical costs.

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