Good Samaritan saves dog from Memphis pool

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A good Samaritan's quick thinking may be what saved a dog's life.

Dawn Dixon says she was home sick on Friday when she was checking her Nextdoor App.

"I was in bed, sick and I saw the urgent notification pop up and it was about a dog," she told WREG.

The post said a German Shepherd was spotted in a backyard swimming pool just a mile and a half from her home. The pool was surrounded by a tall wooden fence and the owners were out of town.

Dixon grabbed a small table to stand on and drove to the house to find other people had stopped at the home.

Bert Bass, who lives next door, says the German Shepherd named Natasha is always out barking and he was surprised by the swarm of rescue volunteers.

"I looked out the door and there were five or six cars out there," Bass said. "They pulled up like the house was on fire and ran over to toward the fence."

Dixon believes the dog had been in the pool for about forty minutes. She says she scaled the fence and was ready to jump in the pool.

"She calmed down enough that I could get hold of her collar and arm and pull her out. I found out later she's a hundred pound German Shepherd."

The owners say they watched the rescue over a live security camera feed. They posted their thanks, saying it certainly shows what a great neighborhood we have.


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