‘Goat-a-Paloza’: 100 goats take over Boise neighborhood

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BOISE, Idaho — Homeowners in one Boise neighborhood woke up to a rather peculiar sight on Friday as dozens of goats marched their way down their quiet street.

According to Joe Parris with KTVB, roughly 100 goats made their appearance Friday morning and no one seemed to know why or how they even got there. All they knew was that the little goats were definitely hungry. They reportedly were seen going up and down the street eating everything in their path.

They were allowed free roam until around 8 a.m. when animal control reportedly sent out a single truck to round up the animals. They quickly figured out it was going to take several more vehicles so they enlisted the help of We Rent Goats – a company that does exactly what it’s name implies.

All of the goats were eventually corralled into the trucks and taken away.

KTVB  later learned the goats were grazing in a field nearby when they somehow escaped.


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