Go Jim Go rides across eastern Arkansas on day 4

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Go Jim Go’s fourth day finds the team rolling through the eastern Arkansas delta.  Besides visiting a number of schools, they will also stop a several local businesses.  And eastern Arkansas is also the home of legendary Go Jim Go fundraiser Steve Roberts, whose generosity towards Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital knows no bounds.  He gave Jim a check for $65,000 today!

If you would like to help Le Bonheur yourself, click here to visit our donation page.

All day long, we’ll be posting videos from schools and other stops along with the way.  You can see them first on the Go Jim Go Facebook page.  Be sure and follow that page to get all the updates from this year’s ride, including behind the scenes photos and videos you won’t see anywhere else!

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End of the day with Steve Roberts

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Caldwell Pharmacy

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First National Bank of Wynne

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Wynne Intermediate School

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Wynne Mayor Bob Stacy

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Cross County High School and Cross County Elementary School

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Country Store in Wynne, Ark.

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Go Jim Go is a six day telethon on wheels featuring Jim Jaggers, WREG News Channel 3 Meteorologist. Jim and the Go Jim Go Cycling Team ride 333 miles throughout the region raising money for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. Since its inception, Go Jim Go has raised more than $2 million.

Anything that matters to children, matters to Le Bonheur. Everything we do gives each child they serve a chance to enjoy a healthier and safer childhood.

Recognized among the nation’s “Best Children’s Hospitals” by U.S. News & World Report for seven consecutive years, Le Bonheur is always on the side of children, advocating on their behalf so it can provide them with the care they need.  They are a Magnet-designated facility, the ultimate credential for high-quality patient care.

It’s been that way since they opened in 1952.  They’ve mattered to children every day since.  In fact, on opening day, the front door key was tied to a balloon which was then released, signifying that the Le Bonheur would never be closed to the children and families of the Mid-South.

From the ordinary bumps and sniffles of childhood to its most life-altering extremes, Le Bonheur Children’s is prepared for whatever a child’s life might throw at them.

To learn more about Le Bonheur, click here.

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