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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — By the dozens, donut enthusiasts were out getting their sugar fix as Gibson’s Donuts reopened for business on Friday.

Like so many other businesses, the Memphis staple closed back on March 21 because of COVID-19, but they were greeted back by hungry folks, some of whom were lined up outside more than a hour before their 5:30 a.m. reopening.

“We are very humble, we are very proud. We never dreamed there would be this many people here.”

Don DeWeese is the owner of this one of a kind shop.He knows folks come from all over, right here to Mount Moriah to enjoy some of the glazed goodness.

“People try to imitate, a lot of people try and take, but the hospitality on top of the donut, you’re not gonna beat it,” said Will Coleman with Gibson’s Donuts.

Some donut enthusiasts even coming straight here after their morning workout.

“Honestly I saw on the news while I was working out, and I figured fresh donuts why not in the morning right,” said Moha Ayoub.

He didn’t come alone. He introduced his workout partner to one of his favorite sweet treats.

“The red velvet one. It’s delicious. They make them fresh, they come out and they melt right in your mouth.”

Many have been counting down the days until the old fashioned neon Gibson light- which has never been turned off in over half-a-century — was once again back on.

We had to ask, what is the secret ingredient?

“We put tender loving care with our donuts.”

That love is shared by the steady stream of guests that arrived at Gibson’s Donuts for the first half of the day.

In case you’re wondering, they are selling roughly 3,000 donuts per hour which breaks down to almost one donut per second.

Sweet success on this grand re-opening.