Get ready for possible long lines on Election Day in Shelby County

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — The Shelby County Election Commission says there's a possibility for long lines on Election Day just like there were during early voting, and that could lead to some problems.

Registered voters we talked with say their names weren't in the system when they showed up to vote early this week. They say workers had to call the commission and verify their information. They say the process took a while.

The commission says it's a kink in new voting software implemented last month. Turns out, the new software doesn't read certain street abbreviations the same as the old one and that causes problems.

The commission says most of the discrepancies have been fixed and the ones that haven't will be listed in paper books at the polls. If true, workers won't have to call when there's a problem, but voters are skeptical.

Pastor Earle Fisher, with "Up the Vote 901" is one of them. He's worried the issue will persist on Election Day and decrease voter turnout.

"Well, obviously, this would disproportionately impact communities of color, especially where people don't have a lot of luxuries in terms of transportation options or don't have the financial wherewithal to miss more hours of work," he says.

The commission is confident in the system.

"If you do find yourself in line, chat with your neighbors, and remember how important it is for you to vote," Election Commission Administrator Linda Phillips said.

The commission is also trying to process an unprecedented amount of new voter registrations by election day. That could also result in delays at the polls.

Even though voting might take a while, Nathan Johnson said he is perfectly willing to wait .

"Just want to vote and vote for change," he says, "It's worth it."

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