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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — A Facebook post referencing the Holocaust made by a Houston High School employee is under investigation by Germantown Municipal School District.

In a now-deleted post, assistant principal Janna Matykiewicz wrote: “What’s the difference between vaccine papers and a yellow star? 82 years.”

The post, which was screen captured and circulated among parents and others on social media, appears to equate COVID-19 vaccine cards with the symbols the Nazis forced Jews to wear on their clothing during World War II.

“We have been quite literally flooded with comments from parents and students,” said Rabbi Jeremy Simons with Temple Israel of Memphis.

Simons said those parents and students calling him are scared.

“To say so casually this is the same as the systemic rounding up, marking, separating of Jewish people in Nazi Germany and Europe and then ultimately deporting and murdering them, there is no comparison,” Simons said. “I spoke to a parent a few hours ago who said he had real concerns about keeping his student in the school district based off this.”

WREG went to the administrator’s Cordova home to get her side of the story but no one answered the door. We also sent her an email soliciting comment.

Germantown Municipal School District said the district is aware of the statement on social media by school personnel, and the matter is actively under investigation.

The school district’s response continued:

One of Germantown Municipal School District’s core objectives is that our staff recognize & celebrate the diversity of all students and provide opportunities for inclusive practices. It is imperative that every student and staff member feel safe and respected on our campuses. 

Germantown Municipal School District

An online petition for her firing had around 1,500 signatures as of Thursday afternoon. But Simons said that wouldn’t fix the issue, calling it a systemic problem in the Germantown school district.

“There was also a history teacher who commented on the post in support of the teacher and it’s not just one person. There are probably others who are sympathetic. That’s what’s so distressing to the community,” he said.