Germantown residents upset: campaign signs stolen from their yards


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some people in Germantown are waking up noticing campaign signs in their yards are missing.

The Buisseret family experienced it first-hand. In a matter of seconds, cameras captured a man yanking a Joe Biden sign from their yard.

Louise Buisseret said it is very upsetting someone would take something from their yard that does not belong to them.

“I didn’t think it was that serious but there’s the principle involved,” Buisseret said. “I don’t want it to keep happening.”

Buisseret’s husband got the theft alert on his phone just before 10 p.m. on Sunday. The man snatched the sign and chose not to take anything else displayed on the property. 

“We have our Halloween decorations up, we have a Scott Williams sign. He didn’t bother any of that. He just rushed in and took the Biden and left” Buisseret said.

Driving through the city’s neighborhoods political signs supporting all kinds of candidates from school board members to the president are posted in yards.

A captain with the Germantown Police Department told WREG-TV they have taken 10 reports regarding political sign theft over the last four months. One woman wrote in the popular neighborhood site Nextdoor home surveillance cameras caught two women take a Trump sign from her neighbor’s yard and make inappropriate gestures with it. 

For Buisseret, she believes it is crucial to respect each other’s right to voice their support for the candidate of their choice. 

“That’s the First Amendment, that’s America and we’ll put another sign out and express our opinion again,” Buisseret said.

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