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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — Some Germantown residents are asking for answers after they opened their personal email and discovered political emails for alderman and school board candidates.

WREG’s Wayne Carter spoke to one mother who is plugged in to the upcoming election, worried about the location city leaders want to build a new elementary school.

“The school is a serious concern.”

But she was surprised when certain candidates appeared to be emailing her.

“I knew I hadn’t signed up to get emails from certain candidates,” she said. “I’ve got their opponents yard signs in my yard!”

School Board member Natalie Williams said she’s collected emails from different sources but immediately removed people who asked not to get them.

Alderman Dave Klevan sent one of the emails saying they went to people who “expressed an interest in Germantown.”

Keep in mind, Alderman candidate Dean Massey is running against Klevan.

“If other candidates say they’re buying the emails, who at the city is selling these emails addresses?” said Massey.

Massey said he wants to know if the city or school administrators gave our personal emails.

The city couldn’t answer that question this afternoon.

They promised to get back to us Friday but School Superintendent Jason Manuel said no way, emails are private.

School Board candidate Amy Eoff said she didn’t buy emails, but some did and it just shows this is no sleepy suburban race.