Germantown Police look for people responsible for multiple car break-ins


GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — Germantown Police are looking for people who have been targeting cars in neighborhoods throughout the city.

Shattered glass left behind is a not-so-subtle reminder of what happened while Zach Borneman was sleeping.

“My truck was locked,” Borneman said. “They came in, smashed out the passenger-side window and rummaged through the vehicle. Fortunately, they didn’t take anything.”

Others were not so lucky.

Borneman’s truck was among several vehicles targeted last week, with the majority of the incidents happening overnight Wednesday.

Police said at least eight cars were damaged or broken into, and thieves took items from some of them.

The neighborhoods were all in close proximity to one another, but the victims’ addresses aren’t the only thing keeping them close during this time.

“It’s nice; the neighbors, soon as it happened, were all talking and sharing, did you hear anything?” Borneman said. “The neighborhood is great.”

These incidents didn’t come without a price, though.

“Thank God for insurance,” Borneman said. “Otherwise that would have been a $687 fee for not doing anything. I was sound asleep, and somebody busted my window out.”

Borneman said he just got his truck back, but he’s not letting his guard down.

He had a message to those who tried to take away his peace of mind.

“Your time’s numbered,” he said. “Folks have cameras, and now they know you’re here. They’re looking for you. People are putting cameras up. Those that didn’t have them are getting them installed, so this is probably not the neighborhood to hang out in if you don’t want to get caught.”

Anyone with information on these car break-ins should call Germantown Police.

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