Germantown Police arrest man accused of trying to kidnap woman on a hiking trail

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — A teenager is behind bars for allegedly trying to kidnap and assault a woman, according to Germantown Police.

GPD said a woman was walking along a hiking trail during the day when she was approached by an unknown man who attempted to kidnap her. They said the woman was walking westbound when she noticed a man walking towards her. GPD said she did not interact with the man, but the man then tried to attack the woman and place his hands over her mouth. The woman managed to scare off the man and immediately dialed 9-1-1.

Shortly after, GPD captured the alleged suspect and put him in custody. GPD arrested 18-year-old Kamani Fisher, and he is now facing charges for simple assault and false imprisonment.

People who visit the Greenway trail area say they are happy Germantown Police acted so swiftly.

“Usually when we come out here, it’s very quiet,” Lashundra Roddy said. “And, the people are friendly! I never would’ve thought that in this area.”

Other people said they were shocked this happened in what is usually a very quiet area.

At this time, Fisher is not listed in the Shelby County system. Additionally, he has no prior criminal record in Shelby County.

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