Germantown neighborhood hit hard by car break-ins


GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — A Germantown neighborhood is on edge after thieves tore through the community, breaking into nearly two dozen vehicles, police say. 

Molly Ebach says she now fears for the safety of her family after thieves broke into her vehicles early Monday morning on Oakleigh Lane in Germantown.

Ebach said they have several security measures in place but it still wasn’t enough to scare off the theives. Surveillance footage she shared showed that, despite the brightness of her security lights, around 1 a.m., a masked person walked up to her truck and broke the window. 

“They literally parked their car in front of my house and stopped. They just didn’t care,” Ebach said. “Our doors were absolutely locked. My husband checks that every night because we had heard about some break-ins.”

She said it wasn’t until later that morning after taking her kids to school that she noticed her window was busted in and several items were stolen.

“The police said that they (thieves) don’t care about cameras anymore because they’re masked and hooded and they’re wearing gloves. So, all the measures police took to fingerprint my car, they didn’t get anything.”

But Ebach isn’t alone. According to Germantown police, at least 22 people living on various streets nearby such as Somerset Lane, Poplar Lake and Honey Tree Drive had vehicles broken into.

Ebach says she has multiple security measures in place such as cameras, lights, and even dogs, but after what happened, she’s not sure what can be done to deter criminals.

“I don’t even know about neighbor vigilance. I don’t know how that’s going to help other than getting these guys off the streets,” she said.

Germantown Police have not provided information on any arrests or suspects. 

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