Germantown neighborhood falls victim to multiple car burglaries

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — A Germantown community is taking extra caution after several vehicles were broken into Tuesday morning.

Germantown police said the Poplar Estates community was shaken up early Tuesday after someone went prowling through the neighborhood.

“It was upsetting,” one resident said. “I looked out yesterday morning, and here’s three police cars in front of my house.”

Almost everyone WREG spoke with in the neighborhood was a victim and asked to not be on camera.

“Police said that no cars were vandalized, but just that whenever the perps found a unlocked car, they went through it,” another resident said.

Residents living on Redfield Drive said someone came into their neighborhood and broke into their cars. What makes matters even worse, police said all ten of those vehicles were unlocked.

“We had been told at one time it was best not to lock your cars and not to leave anything in them because auto thieves, if a car as locked, would break the window,” the first resident said.

Several people said the community is quiet. This is an eye-opener, but they still feel safe.

“We had not been locking,” the first resident said. “My husband decided to start locking them after this.”

“It wasn’t dangerous,” the first resident said. “No one was hurt.”

Police said in a statement this is an ongoing investigation but did not clarify if there have been any arrests or if there is a suspect.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if I found out it was a bunch of high school kids on fall break just kind of roaming the neighborhoods,” the second resident said.

Police encouraged citizens to make sure they lock their vehicles, remove any valuables and report all suspicious activity. Police also said out of all the car burglaries, only a small amount of cash was taken from one of the vehicles.

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