Germantown may force loose pets to get spayed or neutered

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. -- Pet owners in Germantown listen up: there may be new and pricey consequences if your animal keeps getting loose.

The city told WREG it is considering an ordinance that forces owners to pay to have their animal spayed or neutered if it's caught running loose more than once in a year.

Germantown Animal Shelter employees said when you spay or neuter an animal, it's less likely to get loose because it won't have a desire to mate.

Employees said there's a handful of folks who can't keep track of their pets, and they get loose too often.

Some people in Germantown thought the new ordinance would be a great idea.

"I actually saw one loose the other day, and I ended up chasing it down, looking at its tag, and bringing it back to its owner," said Justin Smith.

"There are a lot of animals running loose. They multiply, and I just think it's a good idea," said Debra Walters.

Shelter employees said you would be able to choose the vet, and they would bring your pet to the appointment.

WREG was told the procedure could cost you up to $500 depending where you go and the size of your animal.

That's on top of the pick-up fees the shelter charges too.

Some pet owners said that's forcing folks to pay too much.

"It would be nice if Germantown helped them out a little bit," said John Scheibelhut.

The ordinance still has to go through a public hearing and a third reading, so the earliest it would go into effect would be at the end of July if it passes.

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