Germantown homeowner says thief stole outdoor Christmas decorations


GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — If you are decorating for the holidays, be aware. One homeowner from Germantown says he found out the hard way how quickly decorations can disappear.

“It’s just disheartening that someone is trying to take our Christmas spirit away from us,” said Ashley Albright, the homeowner.

Albright is keeping a closer eye on his outdoor Christmas decorations after someone stole this bright display Monday night featuring a reindeer and sleigh full of presents.

“They were nice and we bought them because they really looked good and they really stood out and I guess we had them up front so people would see them and maybe that was a bad idea,” Albright said.

He believes the display was taken around 8:30. So quickly that neither he, his wife, nor their dogs heard a thing.

This is not the way he wanted to start the holidays.

“Thanksgiving weekend, we transition right into the Christmas season. So we’re getting all our decorations out and trying to look as festive as possible,” Albright said.

He says, while the display cost about $200. He’s relieved none of the other decorations in his yard were taken.

Holiday lighting can be a big investment that no one wants to see gone in the middle of the night.

Crews with Shine Holiday Lighting in Atoka, Tennessee, say when it comes to installing Christmas displays, the sky’s the limit.

“We do jobs anywhere from $200 to $300 up to $10,000,” said Eddie Derrick, production manager of Shine Holiday Lighting. “It’s really what they want and what their budget will allow them to spend.”

Derrick says it’s never happened to one of his clients, but if someone wants to steal your christmas lights they can usually do it pretty fast. Something you don’t have to tell Albright, who warns Santa might be watching.

Germantown Police say they are actively investigating two thefts involving Christmas decorations. They urge the public to report anything suspicious to police.

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