Georgia state senator proposes to name section of highway after Creflo Dollar

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ATLANTA — Controversial mega church pastor Rev. Creflo Dollar may soon have a highway named after him.

Georgia State Sen. Donzella James introduced a bill that would dedicate about five miles of Old National Highway to “Creflo Dollar Highway” in honor of the pastor and the 30th anniversary of the church, WGCL reported.

The stretch of road is near Dollar’s church, World Changers Church International, in College Park, Georgia. It would be an honorary dedication rather than an official name change, James told WGCL.

“Reverend Creflo Dollar has demonstrated his commitment to teaching the Gospel, witnessing Christ through word and deed, and addressing the physical, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual needs of others,” the resolution said. “Recognized for his cutting-edge revelation and humorous, pragmatic approach, Reverend Dollar enables thousands to experience grace, restoration, and healing as a result of applying simple biblical principles to their lives…”

There is currently a bridge in the Atlanta area already dedicated to Dollar.

Some don’t want a highway named after the pastor, who stirred up controversy in March 2015 when he asked his parishioners for $65 million to buy a luxury jet.

A petition has been launched to stop the proposal.

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