Fundraiser for teen’s family now tops $300,000 and keeps family on the move

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Home is now wherever 15-year-old Chauncy Black and Matt White can find it.

“Right now I just have to keep them on the move because everybody recognizes me and Chauncy wherever we go,” White said.

We caught up with them and Chauncy’s grandmother and brother after they spent the night with friends who opened their home in East Memphis.

“We are just living off the graces of other people right now for food and for places to stay,” White said.

It’s what they have had to resort to since the GoFundMe account White set up exploded, bringing in more than $300,000.

“We appreciate it. That was good blessing that God sent to us and sent Matt to us,” Chauncy said.

It all started from a chance encounter at a Kroger store. Chauncy offered to help White with groceries if he would buy him doughnuts.

White bought him a basket of groceries, took him home and saw a home in need.

“They had nothing. No furniture. Blankets on the floor, nothing in the refrigerator,” White said.

He set up an internet account to raise a few hundred dollars, never expecting more than $300,000.

“They just took it and ran with it and the whole world exploded,” White said.

With the money came demands.

“My relatives were like when you get some money can you help me, asking for help in business and all that kind of stuff,” says Barbara Black, Chauncy’s grandmother.

She said when they were struggling, the family members now asking them for money wouldn’t even help them.

“They never came around. Never offered me nothing. Nothing,” Barbara Black said.

White said they are contacting an attorney about handling the money.

“So that they take the least amount of hit on taxes. So it’s set up in a trust and not at risk of anybody trying to come and claim it,” White said.

White said the next step is to find a place to stay for the next month then handle the legal matters, including investments and finding Chauncy’s family a permanent house.