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(Hernando, MS) Voter ID became the law of the land in Mississippi on January 1st, but voters won’t need one until the next election on June 3rd.

That’s one reason DeSoto Circuit Clerk Dale Thompson says she hasn’t had many takers.

”Not for DeSoto County. We had one person ask for a voter ID. She came in.”

But as the election gets closer, people will need some kind of official ID to cast a ballot.

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann wants everybody to have an easy go of it, so he’s even offering free rides to local clerk’s offices across the state for people who call the Voter ID Hotline.

”We set this up through the Mississippi Department of Transportation and they have a network already and it includes about 500 vehicles spread across the state.”

He says clerks will even check birth records for free too, as part of the application process.

Here’s something most people don’t know; they probably already have an acceptable form of ID and may not even need the special voter ID based on this checklist.

The list of acceptable ID includes a driver’s license, passport, gun permit, military or college ID, along with a few others.

”No state has taken the steps that Mississippi has to make their voter ID’s attainable,” said Hosemann.

And Thompson says she’s as committed as the Secretary of State, to make sure everybody who’s eligible to vote gets to, and will also help with transportation.

”But of course, they can also contact our office and we’ll arrange to get them here some way or the other.”

Because those IDs will be a must-have, come the June 3rd Congressional primary.

For a Free Ride from the Secretary of State, call 1-844-MSVoter