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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some people may find themselves with more free time on their hands during this pandemic, and one local college hopes they’ll use the opportunity to take advantage of professional and personal growth.

Southwest Tennessee Community College is offering 10 free courses through the Continuing Education Department to anyone wanting to enroll.

“These are open-access—a gift to our community that we hope continues to keep on giving through what people are going to learn through these courses,” Anita Brackin with Southwest said.

The free online classes cover things like creating web pages, marketing businesses on the internet, small business marketing and personal finance.

“We know that some people may have more time at home now than they’ve previously had,” Brackin said. “They may have time to be thinking about, ‘How can I upscale myself for a job I may go back into.”

The classes are self-paced and offered from now until June 30. Once you enroll, you have three months to complete them.

“Typically, it might take you 24 to 30 hours to complete, but again, it’s really enjoyable, and if you’ve got the time, day or night, you can stay up and knock yourself through these,” Brackin said.

The free online classes launched a week ago, and already more than 5,500 people have enrolled.

“The topics are catchy, and you’re seeing a lot of folks enroll, complete a course, move to the next one, and it’s good timing, so it’s 24/7, the minute a person goes in and enrolls in the course, they’ve got access to it,” Brackin said.

These are all non-credit courses, but Southwest has college credit courses to support all of these free classes if someone wants to pursue that field further.