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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  A Mid-South family was trying to enjoy their weekend when sewage and waste came flooding from nearly every faucet and opening in their walls.

Eboni Dean was with her young son at her home in the Renaissance Apartments on Steele in Frayser over the weekend, when they noticed something was wrong.

“My son came running down the hallway yelling, ‘Mom, water’s everywhere!’ So I immediately jumped up thinking it may have been the bathroom,” said Eboni Dean, a resident of Renaissance Apartments.

The leaks began producing water and waste faster than Eboni could clean them up. Before she knew it, water, sewage, and feces covered her apartment floors and bathroom.

“My furniture was sitting in it. I had tissue and feces just running through my house!,” Dean said.

Eboni said Renaissance management blamed a pipe back up made worse by the apartment’s location near the end of her building.

But she claims the most frustrating part of her experience was the difficulty of getting Renaissance management on the phone. She said the best they could do was brief text message interactions.

“No one employed by this apartment complex came to my home or even reached out to me!” Dean said.

We visited the Renaissance office hoping to get answers about Eboni’s experience, but they shut the door in our face, and said to us that they would have someone contact us.

We haven’t heard from them since.

Eboni said she is hoping to get out of her lease and hopes the apartment complex will treat tenants better in the future.

“People matter. Human beings matter. And you have to treat people accordingly,” Dean said.