Frayser residents upset over alleged garbage pickup delays

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. - - Garbage on a stretch of Signal Street in Frayser is piling up and people's patience is running out. Bags of brush, tree limbs, tires, and other items line the road. Residents say it's been like that for three months and the city hasn't picked it up.

Jeanette Farmer has plenty of garbage in front of her house.

"When I get up in the morning and look at this I gets mad every morning," she says.

It's an eyesore for the neighborhood but Farmer is mainly concerned about all the critters that get into the pile.

"There`s some lizards and snakes in there though," Farmer says,  "I`m worried about snakes. I`m scared of them. So, I don`t really come outside. I stay in the house and keep the kids in and that`s not good for them. They have to play."

She says she calls the city's 311 line every day.

"Every time I call, they hangs up in my face like we just talked to her," Farmer says.

The city says the only request for service it's gotten for Farmer's house is 15 days old and the typical window for that kind of garbage pickup is 21 days. However, Farmer insists she's been calling for three months.

It's important to note, when it comes to curbside garbage, the city will pickup things like brush, bulky items, and up to four tires per property, but crews won't pickup tree limbs that are more than 5 feet long or more than 13 inches in diameter.

Safe to say, some of the limbs in the piles break the rules, but it looks like most of the stuff should be picked up.

Crews will, occasionally, pickup items that break the rules. When that happens, the owner can be billed.

Click here for a full list of garbage pickup rules and procedures.

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