Frayser residents irritated with tires piling up at abandoned house

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Frayser neighborhood is calling for accountability after hundreds of tires were dumped at an abandoned house.

It’s jarring to see that hundreds of tires in piles as tall as the house itself. They bring rodents and bugs among other problems, and residents are begging for help.

The house on the 1600 block of Haywood Avenue looks completely out of place, almost hidden among groomed yards and well-kept houses.

But as one long-time resident who didn’t want to go on-camera said, one bad apple seems to be spoiling the rest of the bunch.

“That kind of stuff brings the neighborhood down, makes it look bad over there,” Sandra Ward said. “It makes my house look bad, all the other houses look bad. Everybody be complaining about it.”

The house is almost drowning in tires. Residents nearby claimed they don’t know where the tires are coming from but said they’re drawing rats and roaches, among other pests, and the tires emit a foul odor when temperatures rise.

We looked up the property records, which show the owner as a Lakshmin Evans, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, although we weren’t able to get in contact with her, the City of Memphis did.

They said the owner is aware of the issues at the house on Haywood and is looking to get them fixed. In the meantime, the City will issue numerous violations for the condition of the home and the effect it has on the surrounding properties.

Neighbors said the owner hasn’t been by in months, and they think it’s time for the City to step in, one way or another.

“I think they should vigorously try to contact her to find out why is this property looking like this? And if that doesn’t take place, we need to put fines in order,” resident Clayborne Taylor said. “If that doesn’t take place, this property needs to be confiscated by the City, and let’s fix it up.”

WREG reached out to the City to find out if the property owner has received any notice of violations but have not yet been updated.

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