Frayser pastors, volunteers feed community amid national unrest

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Frayser pastors and other organizations distributed Thanksgiving groceries to the community Wednesday.

Organizers said that despite unrest in Ferguson and across the country, this food collection and distribution effort was about unity.

“Systematic change will never happen until the people begin to unify and today is one of those efforts that allows us to unify,” Pastor Deandre Brown with Lifeline to Success said.

Several area pastors and church volunteers took part.

“Some people used to view churches as gangs that are just really divided. So, we wanted to show this community that we’re not divided. We’re together,” Innovation Church Pastor Marron Thomas said.

The groups contributed thousands of dollars to make the giveaway possible.

WREG met Rochell Campbell, a mother of nine children, currently seeking employment. She said the meal means a lot to her family, and “it’s a blessing to be able to get help.”

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