Frayser convenience store declared a public nuisance

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A convenience store next to an elementary school in Frayser is closed indefinitely. A Shelby County judge said it’s the source of too much trouble and a nuisance.

The district attorney’s office said it filed a petition after police responded to J & R Food Mart nearly 70 times in the past year for robberies, shootings and drugs.

In one incident, a victim told police he only responded to a Craigslist ad in the parking lot when two guys shot and robbed him.

“There’s too much traffic at the store. They don’t buy things at the store. They just be hanging out,” said Ebony Griffin.

She grew up next to the store and said it’s a popular place.

It’s near three apartment complexes, an elementary school and a half mile away from a church.

“This is really the closest store in the area that’s really walking distance,” said Griffin.

Google maps shows nearby stores being at least a ten minute walk.

Some neighbors are concerned this closing now leaves them stranded in a food desert.

“I’m so mad that it happened,” said one neighbor. “They really help us. If you got no money, and you need something, they give it to you.”

District Attorney Amy Weirich stressed this food mart is “an uncontrolled danger and nuisance,” and went on to say this petition is “an effort to stop a long-term and worsening pattern of criminal conduct.”

The owner is in court December 12 to plead his case on why the store should stay open.

WREG will let you know what happens.

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